Pull-Pal Winch Anchor 16,000

Pull-Pal Winch Anchor 16,000

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The Pull-Pal - a U. S. engineered anchoring tool, is both portable and well-suited for a wide range of environments. Intended as a tool for winching through sand and mud, Pull-Pal's design relies on useful rules of physics. Its hefty plow blade sets firmly and safely into sand, clay, mud hardpan soil and snow. Pull-Pal gets you up and over hill stalls and minimizes dangerous situations. It allows you more control -- even when you are alone. Saves time, transmissions, and tires. Pull-Pal is designed for winch-equipped Jeeps, buggies, campers, 2-wheel drive, 4WD SUVs, Trucks, and Hummers. Ideal for construction surveyors, search and rescue, utility, police, and rural maintenance vehicles.


  • U.S. Made Mega Duty Pull
  • Pal Winch Anchor 16000
  • Off Road Recovery
  • The down tube is reinforced and all components are stronger than smaller Pull-Pals. It weighs 57 lbs. and is the same size as the RW14,000 when the wings aren't on it.
  • Pull-Pal folds compactly to the size of an ordinary bumper jack for easy storage. It can be mounted inside or outside. It stores easily in an inexpensive gun case.


  • Fully-laden Full-size Rigs, Unimogs & H1s, etc. GVW up to 12,000lbs. The RW16000 has two 2" wings that make the spade 18" which is good for placement in situations where you need a bigger spade. The RW16,000 is good for up to 12,000 GVW.

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