Fourtreks Mounting Brackets for Pull Pal

Fourtreks Mounting Brackets for Pull Pal

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Need a place to mount your Pull Pal securely? Mount it on the tire carrier of your Trojan bumper with the mounts from Fourtreks. These mounts feature two special rubber lined billet aluminum clamps using stainless steel hardware, grade 8 bolts, flat washers, lock washers, wing nuts and top plates. Combined with the Fourtreks billet aluminum clamp rings, it makes a complete kit to mount your Pull Pal winch anchor. Also included is a special strap. This mounting system allows you to mount your Pull Pal solidly on your vehicle's tubing yet gives you easy access to your Pull-Pal when needed.

Note: This mounting system does not mount the spade part of the Pull Pal to your tubing. This item will need to be stored in your vehicle. The mounts are designed to go on the inside of rear Trojan Bumper arms. 


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

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