Titan Gun Safe

Titan Gun Safe

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The Titan Vault is the Original Speed Vault, the first of its kind; our products are designed and built by Americans, for Americans. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty because we are dedicated to top-of-the-line quality. Our Gun Safe is not a shoebox with a lock on it. It’s made of 14 GA Hardened steel to Military Spec Alloy Steel. The Titan Gun Safe provides you with our patented quick access auto-delivery holster specifically designed to deliver the gun directly into your hand as the lid opens. A mechanical locking system (also derived from military guidelines) guarantees failsafe access to your gun every time. There are no keys no batteries or electronics to fail and no amount of heat, cold, moisture, or EMP will affect its function.

California DOJ Approved.

Titan Compact Vault Specifications:
Weight: 7 pounds
Dimensions (w/out Ammo Box): L 10” x W 8” x H 2¾”
Dimensions (with Ammo Box): L 10” x W 10” x H 2¾”
*The Ammo box can also be mounted on the front and side panels of the safe.

The Titan Compact Vault can accommodate Guns not to exceed 8" long x 6 1/4" high x 1 3/4" wide. Without light/laser attachments. 

Included Components:


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