Tire Repair Kit

Tire Repair Kit

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Extreme Outback Products Ultimate Puncture Repair Kit

Kit includes:

  • 25Thick string inserts
  • 25Thin String Inserts
  • 2 Standard Pressure Valve Stems
  • 1High Pressure Valve Stem
  • 3Medium Radial & Bias Ply patches
  • 4Small Radial & Bias Ply Patches
  • 14”x 6” Large Patch “Baja Boot”
  • 2Large Tube Repair Patches
  • 3Medium Tube Repair Patches
  • 4Tubes of Rubber Cement
  • 1Jar of String Insert Lube
  • 6High Temp Valve Cores
  • 4Steel Valve Caps W/ Core Remover
  • 14 Way Tire Tool, Hard Anodized
  • 1Utility Razor Knife
  • 1Buffer and Stitcher Tool
  • 1Tire Probe, Chrome Plated Steel
  • 1Needle Insert Tool
  • 1Chalk for Marking Punctures & Tire
  • 3Hand Cleaner Wipes, Packaged
  • 1Carrying case

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