Mercedes Sprinter Front Door Window Covers (Pair)

Mercedes Sprinter Front Door Window Covers (Pair)

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Our front door window covers are sold in pairs and will come with left and right front doors and compatible with all Mercedes-Benz vans with built from 2007 to current model. If you have doors with grab handles (4x4), all our products can accommodate the use of grab handles by folding the flap backward in this location. 

NOTE: There is not a lot of metal around a Sprinter Front door up top and our covers are designed to be "oversized" to fit both with magnets and friction in the door frame for the best results. Should you open the door with the cover in place, it is best to close the door and reposition the window cover again from inside. If the cover get in between the door and the rubber seal, it might create a space for it to leak if it rains. 


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