AutoSock - Winter Traction Device

AutoSock - Winter Traction Device

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AutoSock is the new generation of winter traction devices. Made of textile, it is pulled over the driving wheels of cars, vans, trucks, buses and forklifts when extra grip is needed in winterly conditions.


As the highest certified of its kind, AutoSock is a legal solution for cars and commercial vehicles.

Packages contain a set of 2. Small and easy to store, they won't damage your rims or the road. Easy to pull on and absolutely no jack needed!

How It Works: a high technology textile tire covering, utilizes GripTech® technology. Specially patterned fibers optimize grip on slick surfaces by managing the thin layer of water on top of ice and snow. AutoSock clings to snow and ice, increasing vehicle traction and improving safety.

Check our guide or contact us with your tire size for correct fitment (775) 852-1800

• Package contains 2 AutoSocks®

• AutoSocks® are approved in the US as a tire chain alternative

• Easy Pull on, No Jack Needed

• Small and Lightweight

• Does not cause damage to road surface

• AutoSock® is 100% textile and will not damage your rims


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